Brief History of the Ottawa Ladies Bonspiel
At one time, this Bonspiel was two separate competitions. The City of Ottawa Bonspiel used to be held in early January with all Ottawa clubs participating. The format was the same as it is today -- drawn teams with each member playing in her club position. The trophy was donated in 1939 by Mrs. Clarea Williamson. There was a consolation event, which was jointly sponsored by Hylands and Rockliffe Curling Clubs. This was the RCAF trophy.

The other bonspiel, the Victory Bonspiel, took place in early March. Valley and District clubs were invited to this because their natural outside ice had often melted by this time. The Victory Trophy was donated in 1946 by Mrs. D. Finn, then President of the Ottawa Curling Club. The Beulah Snelling was donated by Mrs. Beulah Snelling, then President of the Rideau Curling Club.

In 1970 the Williamson and RCAF Bonspiel and the Victory and Beulah Snelling Bonspiel amalgamated to form the Ottawa Ladies' Bonspiel as we know it today.